Brunch at Wolf’s Ridge Brewery


Yes, I am bombarding you with another brunch post, but I had to share the marvel that is Wolf’s Ridge Brewing. I know, right? Brunch at a microbrewery? What is this madness. As it were, WRB (to me at least) is just as passionate about food as they are about drink. But as this is a brewery, let’s talk about libations first.

photo 1

Let me start by saying I failed you as a bruncher by ordering coffee (but it was One Line Coffee, and I was feeling out of sorts). However, my fellow book club bruncher, Amanda, swooped in and saved the day by getting a mimosa. You also have your standard Bloody Mary and something called a Howlin’ Tail which involves gin and St. Germain(!). There was also an intriguing Beermosa on the menu (WRB Harvest Wheat, Lillet, and fresh OJ), and I promise to try it next time, because believe me, there will be a next time.

photo 2

Then there was the usual flurry of wondering what to eat. I am notorious for looking at menus before I go out, and even though I knew what I was ordering, I couldn’t help but become mesmerized by the offerings. I’m talking chorizo and corn stuffed omelets, duck and eggs, beef and lamb burgers… I told you. It’s madness.

I wish I had taken some photos of the interior, as it is a nice, big space, but I couldn’t help being super distracted by Amanda’s Eggs Benedict. I mean, seriously.

photo (1)

You are looking at pale ale hollandaise, a poached egg, seared pork pâté, and potato pancakes sitting pretty on an English muffin. And as epic as that plate appears, wait until you see what I ordered:

photo 3

This is the bacon french toast. Apple cider cured bacon, maple-bacon ice cream, stout syrup, and a sugar wafer to top it off. Whenever a server gets excited about your order, like mine did, you know you’ve made a wise decision. For anyone who is leery about the ice cream, yes, there are notes of bacon, but no, it’s not weird or overwhelming. There’s a perfect balance against the sweetness. And who doesn’t like sweet and savory?

Again, I am peeved at myself for not remembering to take any photos of the interior, but there were all kinds of nice little touches. Like such:

photo 4

And though I have been praising its brunch, I have it on good authority that WRB has an equally scrumptious dinner menu, and that the garlic fries are the best in town. There’s a reason this place was called Best New Restaurant (2013) by Columbus Monthly. You really ought to come see what the fuss is all about.

Wolf’s Ridge is located at 215 N 4th Street, Columbus, OH 43215.

Hours are:

  • Sun 10a-10p
  • Mon 10:30a-3p
  • Tue-Thu 10:30a-11p
  • Fri 10:30a-12a
  • Sat 10a-12a

And most importantly, brunch is served on both Saturday and Sunday from 10a-3p. 


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