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This past weekend, we took our own advice and spent the afternoon at the Made LOCAL Market. After we dubbed our friend Megan an honorary blogger, the three of us dodged the raindrops (which later turned into snow, naturally) to find shelter at the Bridgewater Banquet Hall. While we hid from the rain, we took a peek at the Boutique Truck that was set up at the entrance. As you probably guessed, it’s a mobile fashion truck that carries a wide array of tempting clothes and accessories.


Alexis and I were besotted with this fetching number (below). Partly because we were freezing cold and could have used another layer, but mostly because it’s awesome (studs+tunic style=yes).


We would have liked to poke around more, but our sodden clothes and feet had us begging for warmth. Once inside, we were overwhelmed with choice. With over 60 local vendors in attendance, you can see why.

IMG_9365There was a lot to take in, so we took a lap down each aisle to get our bearings. Along the way, we stumbled upon this gem of a T-shirt from LMN Apparel (reminder, we are like twelve years old).

There were quite a few T-shirt companies set up at the market, many of them available at Simply Vague. I ended up getting a super comfortable shirt via Where I’m From, a new apparel company that had literally debuted that weekend.

That purple Ohio shirt now has a home in my closet.

That purple Ohio shirt now has a good home in my closet.

As we like to eat (big shocker there), we had a tremendous time sampling all of the local offerings. Mel’s ‘Zels had these batshit amazing dipped pretzels ranging from flavors like key lime pie to birthday cake.


We highly endorse these crazy delicious pretzels.

And Alexis found a salsa that seriously lived up to its name:


You had us at #totalchipmagnet. These vendors get an ‘A’ for their witticisms.

Ridiculously good was the only way to describe this gastronomic wonder. We chatted with the owner for a little while before Alexis bought a batch. That was another nice aspect of the market, meeting local artisans who are passionate about what they’re doing and actually seeing the person behind what you’re buying.

We also met this guy, but unfortunately, we couldn’t buy him:

I just can't take it.

I just can’t take it.

This dapper spokes-dog was the face behind CollarDoos, clip-on bow ties for your canine. Not only did this Great Dane win me over, but the clever names  of the bow ties (bahaha, “mutt stache”) made me want to buy a bunch. Note: I don’t even have a dog.


Megan (our honorary blogger) is expecting another child, so we had an excuse to stop at all of the adorable baby-centric displays. I mean, look at these patterns we found at Little Luvins.


I wanted everything at LL’s display. She also had these cozy (unpictured) little baby blankets. Note: I also don’t even have a baby.

There was a ton of handmade jewelry at the market, but we were especially attracted to the Tutes booth where the specialization was wire jewelry.


Alexis picked up this dainty Ohio bracelet, but there were also lovely necklaces and rings on display.


While we browsed, local musician JT Hillier did a brilliant job of entertaining the crowd and livening up the mood.


Our personal favorite was his rock/folk rendition of TLC’s Waterfalls. This morphed into a discussion of our favorite covers of R&B and rap, i.e. Ben Folds covering Dr. Dre and Dynamite Hack’s version of Eazy-E (then I let the Alpine playyyy). And if you’re feeling especially swingy, Richard Cheese covering ANYTHING.

But I digress.

Bottom line, we had an excellent time, and you need to check out these local vendors. If you missed the marketplace this time around, there will be two more events held this year (summer and winter, dates TBA). As for us, it was off to 101 Beer Kitchen once we finished making our rounds, but I’ll let Alexis tell that tale. Hint: it involves brunch. Another shocker, I know.


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