Natalie’s Pizza and a Painting Party


As a Christmas gift, one of our loveliest friends offered to treat a bunch of girls to a painting party at the Party Studio in Worthington. After a few months of coordinating schedules and perusing the available paintings online, we settled on a day and a butterfly.

The class is three hours long so of course we needed to fuel up with pizza, wine, and beer (you know, to get the creative juices flowing). So we drove down to Natalie’s pizza, and settled in. First thing we ordered? A giant bottle of cider. See?

IMG_9176Don’t worry for me, readers: Alicia and I shared this behemoth. To be honest, it was a little tart for our tastes, with a lot of pucker, but far be it from me to let good cider go unconsumed.

And so we moved on to the food portion of the meal. The table started with a cheese plate.

IMG_9181Pretty, isn’t she? We chose the Ubriaco, Prima Donna, and Pave d’Affinois. It was a great sharing plate, and it took a few laps around the table. Afterwards, our pizza arrived. Alicia had tunnel vision during this stage of the evening so we only have a picture of her pie, the Greenwich Village:


And now I’m hungry. She’s a big fan of sausage on pizzas, and once she could put it down, she gave it two thumbs up. I ordered the Aurora Borealis (aren’t the names here fun?). They were not shy with the red pepper flakes so it was delightfully spicy. I realize that in my post about Chicago I featured a very different kind of pizza, and I have to say, I prefer this thinner crust. It’s more about the toppings than it is the bread, and I love me some chewy, crispy crust.

Full with wine, beer, and pizza, we rolled ourselves on over to the Party Studio and smocked up. Here is what we were supposed to paint.

The Party Studio Columbus

The Party Studio Columbus

You guys, I don’t know why my friends are always making me do these creative things. Not five minutes into the first stage there was a point and laugh movement. I think they invite me as a court jester; I provide the comic relief.

Once I shooed them away from my masterpiece, we all really dug in. That first step was the most fun: we blended colors and simply covered the canvas. I can see why painting can be a beloved hobby for so many people. In our party, we had one rogue participant who chose to go a more modern route with the swishes and the swoops, but even for those who followed directions, it was amazing to see the different styles emerge.



Apparently, this resembles a praying mantis, but I DO NOT AGREE.

At the top is one of our friend’s branches, and the bottom is mine. Different, no? Then we came to the terrifying part: the damn butterfly. The teacher described it as a sort-of heart shape, with one long curve, and a flatter one.

We decided that “potato shape” was a better description.


The painting above is Alicia’s. Aren’t her flowers adorable? Mine were…different. Once we covered the butterfly shape with white, we had a space to draw in the details.

IMG_9193 IMG_9190

Apparently, my friends are like legit artists. Mine has a more, well, rugged, less-polished feel, see?


Well, yes, my flowers look like they just got beat up by a rainstorm. SO WHAT if my butterfly appears to be hovering mid-air. It is a work of ART. Merely my impression of a butterfly resting on a branch. And look! I even signed mine! You can send your offers to

Ultimately, the painting class was lovely, though there were some stressful moments. It really was neat to walk around and see how different everyone’s pieces came out.

It really does take the three hours: There is a lot of drying time involved. So wear comfy clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting splattered. Also, you may bring wine! I just sold you, didn’t I!

Natalie’s Pizza is located at 5601 North High Street, Worthington, OH. M, closed; T-Th, 4-11pm; F-Sat, 4-midnight; Sun, 11am-11pm.

The Party Studio is located at 679-B High St, Worthington, OH. Pre-registration is required via their calendar. 

6 thoughts on “Natalie’s Pizza and a Painting Party

  1. My wife, Vicki, and some members of the Mighty Kitten Prayer Network (irregular) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital did this Painting Party and loved it. We had no prior indication that she could paint at all – but it came out well and a good time was had by all.

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  2. Keep this up, Alexis, and you are going to be a fierce artist! Ceramics, painting . . . what’s next? I want to see some felting. You can use Indy’s hairballs and create a beautiful little felted animal for me. Put that on your to-do list :).

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  3. Paint nights are so fun! Some friends and I did this about a year ago and selected “birds on a wire.” It’s hanging in my kitchen now, even though my “birds” look more like some critters you’d find burrowing in a garden.

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