A Stop at Zauber Brewing


I’ve been meaning to go in since I heard they did a game night on Wednesday’s, and so finally, last week we got to Zauber Brewing.

(This is mostly true. But it was a conversation that really brought me in: While lamenting on Twitter my tendencies toward unsportsmanlike conduct after a loss, they suggested I cheat. Sold.)

Unfortunately, the night we came in wound up not actually being a game night, and not a single game did I see. But there was plenty of other things to do, the most appealing, of course, was to drink from their fine selection of beers.

photo 4(3)

But first, I should tell you that I really enjoyed the space. The big windows in the front make you feel a little like you’re outside, as though, if you dim your eyes a bit (or drink a few beers) you might be in a beer garden somewhere where it isn’t frigid. I loved the communal feelings of the long tables. See that, people? Let’s toast! Let’s roll the dice together! Let’s be friends!

photo 3(5)

So husband and I got easily up to the bar — no elbow-throwing or body-checking necessary — and were quickly helped by a lovely bartender who explained to us the menu, and expertly talked a bit about their two beers on tap. I went with the Magnum while husband enjoyed the Ominous. Both were excellent, and quickly they were empty. I jealously eyed the mega, giant mugs of beer, but conservatively chose a pint of cider. One day, mega, giant mug, one day you will be mine.

I wandered around the space a bit, taking these photographs like a weirdo. (Am I the only blogger that looks completely awkward taking this setting-the-scene photos?) I spied a charming spiral staircase near the door that I desperately wanted to climb, but husband discouraged me. There was also a curious knight in armor in one corner. I kept trying to get him alone, but he was pretty popular with my fellow bar-goers.

photo 1(10)

We didn’t try the food truck that evening, but I have to say how great it is that they work to have them there. You can check their web site to see the next vendor and the times to visit. I saw the workers from the truck bringing the food inside to the customers, too. What teamwork! What convenience! The TVs along the walls also make Zauber a good place to set up during any sporting event. Plenty of seats and plenty of TV choices.

All in all, I’d recommend Zauber. The friendly staff, tasty beer, and social atmosphere make it a great place to unwind after work, and pass a few, happy hours on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Refined, yet casual. Prost!

Zauber Brewing Co is located at 909 West Fifth Avenue, Columbus OH. M, 4-11pm; T-Th, 11am-11pm; F-Sat, 11am-12pm; Sun, 11am-7pm.


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