Graze Box Review


If you’ve ever experienced hunger rage (aka hanger), you know the importance of having snacks on hand for such emergencies. With my tendency to rage out from low blood sugar, I try to be good about filling my desk drawer with healthy items such as Larabars and raw almonds. However! We’ve established I’m lazy, and while I do enjoy perusing every aisle of the grocery store, nobody has time for that.

I’ve heard of Graze Box before, and though the notion of healthy snacks being delivered straight to my office was appealing, I never investigated it. I assumed it would be expensive and lock me into a subscription. So when I stumbled upon a code for a free Graze Box (and realized I could cancel at any time) I leapt at the opportunity.

First of all, it isn’t that pricy. Without the code, the boxes are $6 apiece with free shipping, and I have the option to choose the frequency of deliveries. You can have them sent once a month, or many times a month, depending on your needs. I went with every two weeks, and I am allowed to cancel whenever I want.

The website itself is user-friendly. After a quick sign up (they do require you to save card information for future orders), you can go through your snack preferences. If you’re not picky, then this won’t matter. But I am (surprise, surprise), so it was worth going through every single category and marking off things I wouldn’t enjoy (I’m looking at you dried apples).

For my first go around, I selected the standard nibblebox since it has the most variety (90 possible options). Is anyone else a fan of mystery boxes and grab bags? Part of the fun for me was finding out what rando snacks Graze had chosen on my behalf. I was happy with my first box:

photo 1

Dark Rocky Road, Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection, Herby Bread Basket, and Fruit & Seed Flapjack.

My order arrived with four snacks and a friendly card with nutritional information. I tore through each and confirmed that anything doused in salt and vinegar is a win, but I wasn’t a fan of the Rocky Road (dark chocolate buttons, dried fruit, and nuts). No worries. This is when you log into your preferences and demand more salt and vinegar things and remove your least favorite snacks out of the equation.

Round two was the calorie counter box, which has 50 snack options between 50-150 calories. The Flapjacks (soft oat bars) are not included in these boxes, which is a shame, as they are tasty (though calorific). My second box was also a success:

photo 1

Coco Paradise, Pina Colada, Tomato & Basil Pizza, and Chili & Lime Pistachios.

Though you can’t go wrong with either box, I would suggest ordering a nibblebox for the sole reason of having more snacks to choose from. Between the affordability, level of customization, and convenience, this snack service is one to try (another win for us lazies!). I’ve already converted Alexis and many others to the wonders of these deliveries, so if you would like to try a Graze Box of your very own (for free!) click here.


4 thoughts on “Graze Box Review

  1. Love the ‘hanger’ haha, totally get this! Sometimes I get a bit incredible hulk-y when I am hangry 😛 Love the Graze snacks, great review! xoxo


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