Painting and Toasting at Clay Cafe

{alexis, photos by alicia}

I am not the world’s craftiest person. Last year for Valentine’s Day, I baked history’s ugliest pie. When I took a cake decorating class, my terrible icing artistry had my girlfriends rolling in laughter. So when someone suggested we go paint some pottery, I was a little hesitant. What kind of skill did this require? I can maybe be counted on to cover something with paint, but make it look pretty? Questionable.

Finally, they convinced me to buy the Groupon for Clay Cafe by promising there would be wine and snacks. Lesson: I can be lured into almost any unfamiliar activity if there is wine involved. Because, wine. I knew before we arrived that I would choose the over-sized, soup-appropriate mug. We have already discussed my love of soup, yes? You can never have too many vessels for soup.

Though the shop looks small from the outside, it’s roomy enough to accommodate several groups at a time, with an alcove that works for larger groups. You pay a painting fee, and then the cost of whatever item you select to paint. We were given a wonderful introduction and brief how-to before we got started.

We set up our painting table with our veggie plate, trays of paint, a thorough assortment of brushes, and of course a bottle of wine. They had grand plans for their pottery: Here an intricate pattern, there an original drawing. Me? I was mostly concerned with getting the paint on the mug.

photo 1

After much coaching, I decided to stencil tiny little birds around the rim of my humongous mug. Adorable! But I was a very high-maintenance painter. I required the poor, kind girl working to practically hover over my shoulder with reassurance. Is this right? How many coats do I need? Is this dry? Who made this pottery? Do you want wine?

photo 2

We dug into the paint (some of us, however, were more focused on the snacks) and chattered away whilst laboring over our masterpieces. I do believe it was Alicia who caused the first paint spill.

The thing they don’t tell you is that painting pottery takes FOREVER. You have to let each coat dry before you start on the next. (Or what? Spontaneous paint combustion?) I think we were all rushing toward the end. As relaxing as wine-drinking and mug-painting is, we all had things to do. Cats to feed, cocktails to drink.

photo 3

We painted on a Thursday and had one of our kind-hearted husbands pick up the pottery on Tuesday. You know what? They are adorable! Take a look for yourself!


Anyone have any crafting adventures they’d like to share? Or wine adventures. You know I’ll take those, too.

Clay Cafe is located at 1644 W 5th Ave, Columbus, OH. Closed Monday. Open Tuesday through Friday from noon-9pm, Saturday 11am-6pm, and Sunday noon-5pm.

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