Key West #tbt


As you may have gathered, Alexis and I like to travel. And though we have different styles of planning (she waits the last minute to book hotels, and I feel faint at the mere thought), we can both agree that travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer.

With it being Throwback Thursday, it only seems appropriate to post about one of my most recent (and memorable) trips. Last October, my friend Heather got married here:


This would be Key West (or the Land of Polydactyl Cats as I like to call it).


I was only there for a long weekend, but since Key West is 7.4 square miles, it was easy to get to know the city. But if we’re being honest, I spent my first day getting to know the bars on Duval Street with the bride-to-be and company.


Captain Tony’s was my absolute favorite. You mean I’m in the same bar where Hemingway, Capote, and JFK frequented? Delicious rum drinks? A live tree (rumored to have once been a hanging tree)? A TOMB MARKER FROM 1822? Bananas. Things get a bit fuzzy at one point, but I remember Heather finding alcoholic popsicles and making a guy sing Hang on Sloopy at us. I paid for this fun later, but it was well worth it.

The next day is when I got my bearings. First we fueled up with an amazing pre-wedding brunch at Banana Cafe (best béchamel ever), and then we all went our separate ways before the wedding ceremony. This was the ideal time for my husband and me to really explore. Sure, you can rent a golf cart, but I would recommend renting a bicycle. This is a super bike-friendly town, and I feel like we had more opportunities to meander…


…and stop to take the occasional photo–which I did a lot.


We also went to the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum to check out a famous 5-lb. bar of gold, but some jerk had stolen it–this is why we can’t have nice things.

After this setback, we pedaled all over the island, had a near miss with a rooster, and topped it off with a chocolate-covered key lime pie on a stick. We made it back just in time to clean up for Heather’s gorgeous wedding on Smathers Beach.


The reception was held at the Pier House (I see you conch chowder), and we all had one too many drinks. This translated into an interesting experience in a lighthouse the morning after.


Take it from me, friends do not let hung over friends climb up winding stairs in a lighthouse. Instead, we should have come up with a way to bring this friend home from the Hemingway House. We could call it a wedding gift.

Her name was Olivia.

Her name was Olivia.

Unfortunately, the cat wasn’t having it. Defeated, we spent the rest of the day in recovery mode. And since my favorite form of recovery is eating, we ended up at El Siboney for an authentic Cuban meal:


I had three foodie goals when I found out we were going to Key West: have Cuban food, key lime pie, and conch. It’s actually embarrassing how much I talked about pie leading up to this trip (Maria knows), but I can honestly say real key lime pie tastes different from what we have up north. As a result, I’m ruined for life.

But back to this dinner at El Siboney. I couldn’t have timed it any better. Upon finishing our meal, we had just enough time to catch the sunset and shenanigans at Mallory Square. A perfect end to the trip.


It’s a bit of tease looking back on this when it’s SO COLD here in Columbus. Heather and our friend Kari are going on a cruise on Monday, and while I’m extremely jealous, all I ask is that they bring back some warmth and sunshine when they return. That’s how it works, right?


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