Happy Hour at G. Michael’s Bistro


Happy hours are one of the sweetest simple pleasures in life, no? A heavy wooden door is opened by a handsome young man with a big smile, and you feel the heat hit you as you step up out of the cold. Soon your eyes adjust to warm bar lighting and you see, miraculously, two open bar stools waiting for you next to the nice looking gentleman with the white wine.

Or maybe this is just the experience at G. Michael’s Bistro. The husband and I are rarely home together in time to catch a happy hour, but last Friday we had an opportunity, so we bundled up and bustled on over to their bar. We were lucky to catch two seats next to each other — it’s not a large bar, and it’s very popular. And for good reason. From 5-7pm, you can get $5 small plates, $5 cocktails, $3 draft beer, $4 wine. And really, $5 for a real, well-done martini? $5 for a gourmet (small) dish? Done. Give me seven of each.

So here was our first round. I ordered the Vesper and he tried the Village Royale. His was much sweeter than I liked, and the orange flavor took me back to my dorm room freshman year of college (in other words, not my favorite), but he enjoyed it. Mine was a lovely mix of strong, but not bitter, and refreshing. Mine is on the right.


Keep that orange slice away from me.

And then our food came. We shared two small plates. I chose the duck confit gumbo with Tabasco cream sauce, and the husband went for the pheasant pot pie. They don’t seem to be on their online menu at the moment, so I hope I’m getting the names correct. Check it out.


I wish you could see the gumbo better. It was OUTSTANDING. I want a jar of that Tabasco cream sauce in my fridge to put on all the foods. The duck was perfect. Husband loved the pot pie, and was swooning over the pastry crust.

About halfway through the food, we ordered more martinis (because, happy hour). This time, I tried the Aviation. I didn’t love this as much the Vesper; it was a good deal stronger. Husband went with a straight gin martini, which was done well. Extra points for blue cheese-stuffed olives. Altogether, we were well watered and fed, with food of exceptional quality, for just over $30. Absolutely one of the better places in German Village.

I recommend this happy hour a thousand times over, but somewhat reluctantly, because I don’t need you all to come in and take up my bar space.

G. Michael’s Bistro is located at 595 S. Third Street. M-Th 5-10pm; Fri-Sat 5-11pm; Sun 5-9pm.


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