Shabu Shabu at Ba Sho (Ba Sho)



In the years I’ve lived in Dublin, I’ve driven by Ba Sho maybe eleventy billion times and thought “Huh, I should try that place sometime.” Then I would go along my merry way and promptly forget.

Fast forward to this miserable winter. I’ve been in a state of hibernation and craving every comforting meal in sight. Nothing like a polar vortex to put you in the mood for vats of hot soup (Alexis knows what I’m talking about).

Fun fact about me—I am highly impressionable. So when I stumbled upon a recipe for shabu shabu, I thought “Zomg, I need to eat this immediately! Buuut I don’t want to make it myself.” Yes, not only am I impressionable, but I’m also lazy. Enter Yelp. After a quick search, I found a list of restaurants serving shabu shabu, and Ba Sho was high on the list. A sign from the Gods, perhaps?

I tend to romanticize things (more fun facts!), and I envisioned sharing hot pot with my husband on a chilly evening while snow swirled and raged about outside. This is why you shouldn’t romanticize, friends, the night we went to dinner the entire region was experiencing a “heat wave,” and snow was melting at an awesome rate. It was positively balmy.

Once I got past this piece of witchcraft, I settled in for an appetizer of Shrimp Tempura Roll ($6.50) and the standard salad with ginger dressing. The roll was made fresh to order and came topped with spicy mayonnaise. Let’s not kid, anything smothered in spicy mayo is a win, but this was particularly tasty.

There are three options for hot pot: Suki Yaki ($17), Beef Shabu Shabu ($38 for two people), and Pork Shabu Shabu ($30 for two). We opted for the beef and were rewarded with a huge platter of thinly sliced meat, dipping sauces, rice, miso soup, and another enormous plate piled high with vegetables, tofu, and noodles. Give me all the things!

While suki yaki comes pre-made to the table, the fun of shabu shabu is cooking it yourself. The cooking agent is water, and once the meat and vegetables are ready, you  simply combine them with your dipping sauces for flavor and to create a broth. This is especially handy for people who are into clean eating. There’s a lot of control in what is going into your meal. But let’s be real, my greatest concern was what was going into my face, and we put on an impressive display of gluttony.

Ba Sho is located at 2800 Festival Lane, Dublin, OH. Lunch hours are M-F 11:30a-1:45p, Dinner runs M-F 5:30p-9:30p with Saturday hours from 5p-9p. Closed on Sundays.


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