If you’ve read our introductory post, you know this blog is run by me and my coauthor Alexis. Here we are hard at work:


I’m not ashamed to admit we called this a “business brunch.” Never mind that we forgot to bring pen, paper, lap tops—you know, things conducive to having a meeting. Instead, we consumed everything in sight and took terrible notes on our cell phones.

Let’s talk about this brunch. It was at a quaint, newish place called Chez du Bon. When you walk in, it’s somewhat baffling as there’s bistro seating, an upstairs dining area, a large bar set off to the side, and a market. So, depending on your mood, you can choose your dining experience. After taking a lap, we opted to sit in the downstairs dining area where we ordered brunch.


Oh, you know, that’s just fried chicken in a MAPLE SRIRACHA glaze with crepes. Incidentally, this wasn’t my entrée. I had ordered a  plate of chicken, gravy, and biscuits, and it was all well and good until Alexis gave me a bite of her food. Then the food envy kicked in. If you ever go for brunch, trust me on this, you want what she ordered.

CdB is a little on a the pricy side, but we got wind of a decent happy hour (M-F from 3-6pm with small plates, half price beers, and $6 wine and cocktail du jour). Give them a try after work and tell me how the lobster beignets taste.

When we went our separate ways, we were full of good intentions and excitement about blogging, but then she had work to do, and I ended up here:


The Columbus Flea holds court once a season, and it’s always a good time. Think vintage goods, independent merchants, and handmade crafts/paintings/jewelry by local artisans. It’s like Etsy meets your favorite vintage store. There won’t be another flea until the spring, so store this under your hat until then.

In other news, I celebrated my one year wedding anniversary this past weekend. The weather was hideous, so I compensated with tropical drinks and seafood at Ocean Club.


We also had enormous plates of steak and crab cakes, but those pictures didn’t turn out very well. What did turn out well was the comped dessert of 10-layer carrot cake:


No joke, this cake is 10 layers, stands a foot tall (this may be a lie, I’m terrible at math), and comes plated with an amazing pineapple sauce. Do yourself a favor and eat here, right now. I don’t care where you live—buy a plane ticket.

This is the part where I warn you that I’m going to talk about food all the time. If that’s fine, then we’re going to be great friends, and if you have recommendations for me on things to eat, I am all ears. I’m actually going to New Orleans for the first time, so I’d love any suggestions on what to eat beside all the beignets in the world—though, let’s not kid, I’m okay with that.


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